Pitbull and G.R.L. visit the Playboy mansion in laughably bad ‘Wild Wild Love’ video

It feels almost unfair to rag on Pitbull ’s video for “Wild Wild Love” featuring G.R.L. when it could be so much worse… but we’re not going to let that stop us.

Pitbull, who, unlike my colleague Katie Hasty, I have a begrudging fondness for, is calling it in on this folktronica tune that tries to make “Timber’s” success strike again.  This time, instead of Kesha. his co-ed counterparts are the members of G.R.L.,  an assemblage of hair and breasts and legs that that Pussycat Dolls ‘ mastermind Robin Antin cooked up in her music laboratory. Pitbull, who co-wrote the tune with Dr. Luke, Max Martin. Ammar Malik, Alexander Castillo Vasquez and Henry Walter (yes, it took six people to come up with this with Martin sleepwalking through it), is clearly taking one for the team as he surrounds himself with the quintet as a way to introduce them to the world (hey, he hardly deserves hardship pay here).

The video opens at the Playboy mansion, though Hef is nowhere in sight. But there are bunnies galore and you can tell the difference from the Playboy bunnies and the members of G.R.L. because the

bunnies have stuck-on cotton tails. Plus, in some kind of hilarious effort to make the members of G.R.L. seem intelligent, Pitbull admires one of the women’s business plans and then is seen puzzling over how one of them is able to have awesome legs and be able to play chess— or at least sit at a chess board and look at the chess pieces while caressing her legs.

The members of G.R.L. make the Pussycat Dolls seem like Shakespeare-quoting, Yale graduates, especially the Holly Madison-looking blond who can’t even provocatively chew on her glasses. Their dance moves are like something out of a bad “Saturday Night Live ” sketch, though they are all very good at running their fingers through their hair. It’s a start, right?

So how could it be worse? For starters, the members of G.R.L. are sexily, but not sluttily, attired, and while the camera certainly pans over their bodies, it doesn’t linger on certain attributes. It keeps it strictly PG. Hey, these are small things, but we take it where we can.  Sadly, nothing can help the song…and can anyone tell me what “I like my women yang” means?

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