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A guesthouse is a special kind of cost-effective lodging resembling a hostel, and provides several facilities such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guesthouses are generally family owned, with the owner living in a certain portion of the building. Guesthouses have limited staff, and the owner usually takes care of the maintenance aspect, and the upkeep of the accommodations. In many cases, owners turn their private homes into guesthouses, and offer living as well as eating facilities to visitors who prefer cheap accommodations for extended time. Guesthouses can range from low budget rooms in rural areas, to luxury type accommodation in cities.

RentalCluster – Guest House Listings Benefits

At RentalCluster, guesthouse owners can advertise their properties for rent, and tenants on the other hand can search for guest houses for rent and avail affordable rentals. RentalCluster facilitates in bridging the gap between the owners and the tenants, and helps them get what they need – owners get an extensive list of probable tenants interested in renting their premises, and tenants get to choose from a range of cost effective rental deals.

At RentalCluster, tenants have a distinct advantage of using a unique RFI (Request for information) feature not available with other companies and portals, which enables the tenant in finding the exact type of guesthouse required by stating the desired location of rent, as

well as other accommodation amenities such as the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, living space etc. The facility proves to be very useful to the tenant, since he or she does not end up with a large list of useless accommodations that don’t exactly meet the requirements. Tenants save time as well as money, since they visit only those accommodations which offer the kind of amenities they actually need.

To advertise holiday rental guest houses, or search for affordable vacation guest house rentals, it’s suggested you register with us for free by filling up our online application form. The contact details will be kept confidential, and won’t be made available to anyone without your permission or approval. Register now!

RentalCluster – holiday rental guest houses

Sometimes people need to stay in a particular area for a couple of months, or for extended time due to various reasons. Renting out expensive apartments or condominiums often turns out to be unaffordable for employed people. Going in for guesthouse rentals makes it possible to afford the stay. The main advantage with guesthouses is that they offer eating facilities in addition to lodging, so the tenant does not have to make special arrangements for lunch and dinner – it’s taken care of by the guesthouse owner. To find a guesthouse rental that’s affordable, check out the various rental plans available at RentalCluster.

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