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In the Eight Mansions Feng Shui system, all houses can be grouped into 8 house kua, depending on their sitting and a facing direction. Ideally, the sitting of the house should match the Kua number of the breadwinner.

In addition, houses are also divided into the East Group or the West Group. Those that sits N, S, E and SE belong to the East Group while houses that sits NW, SW, W and NE belong to the West group.

So, how do you determine the sitting and facing of a house?

In general, the facing is usually:

  • the side facing the main road,
  • the side with more windows,
  • the facing of the main entrance door when you are standing inside the house,
  • the side with a heavier traffic or more yang energies

Having said that,

there are still some buildings with ambiguous facing. In those cases, you can try using the following guides:

  • Look for the street address, it is usually at the facing.
  • The facing usually has a better view than the sitting.
  • The side facing the main gate or main access is usually the facing.
  • The living area or guard house is usually at the facing side of a house.

As we have mentioned before, the personal kua number also categorizes people into 2 types: East group or West group.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are an East Group person, you will enjoy good Feng Shui and wealth if you live in a House with Eastern house kua; and vice-versa. However, there are techniques to overcome if your Kua and house do not match your kua.

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