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2012 Annual Review - Office of Rent Administration

Office of Rent Administration

  • The 2015 Owner Petition for High Rent Deregulation can now be filed online by accessing our Owner Rent Regulation Applications system. - New
  • Please reference this new notice- Tenants Rights Relative to Fire Damages and/or Health/Safety Condemnation
  • ORA has just released an expanded and improved online application form for tenants to use that covers fire/vacate, emergency conditions, non- emergency conditions and heat and /or hot water - Application for Decreased Services - Individual Apartment Conditions
  • Our Core Case Processing

    • In February, the Office of Rent Administration issued…
      • 52 Rent Overcharge Orders establishing legal rents and directing refunds in excess of $299,000
      • 62 Lease Renewal Orders directing the issuance or correction of a lease renewal
      • 63 Decrease in Services Orders directing that repairs be made and rents lowered until such time that repairs are made
      • 59 Major Capital Improvement Orders for the installation of new items such as

        boilers, windows and roofs valued in excess of $4,100,000 benefiting over 2,415 apartments

      • 39 building owners received technical assistance with online filings at the Borough/District Rent Offices and over 11,000 tenants and owners were given access to records, applications and information at these offices and by contacting the Info Line
    • All Annual Rent Registrations must be submitted through the Owner Rent Regulation Applications system. If you previously used Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO), your User ID will not change. To request access to the Owner Rent Regulation Application system, email and include your full name, company name (if applicable), mailing address and phone number. A User ID will be emailed to you.
    • Owners can now print certified rent rolls using ARRO. See ARRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) item 16 for details.

    Rent Guidelines

    • Rent Stabilized Apartments - Increases for Vacancy and Renewal Leases

    October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015

    Category: Villa rentals

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