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“This is a review of the YMCA Volleyball program which encompasses 3 different YMCA branches (Vanderbilt, Westside, & McBurney ).” in 2 reviews

“Recommended classes: - Spin Classes with any of the instructors - Zumba - Aqua Zumba - Empower with Terrence - Kick box with Andrew The list goes on!” in 3 reviews

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For $104/night, you can't expect much in NYC, right? My room itself was of course tiny, but clean and the bed was surprisingly comfortable (not too firm or too soft). The bathroom however is a real problem.

You're supposed to be able to use your hotel key to enter the hall bathrooms and shower area. Unfortunately, other guests are idiots and leave the doors purposefully open so a key is pointless. I don't know if it's out of sheer laziness or ignorance, but it's in my opinion, a safety issue. As a single woman traveling, I don't want to worry when I get up in the middle of the night that someone could enter the bathroom without a key. One night I entered and there was a man in the next stall-this was not a unisex bathroom. He immediately rushed to leave before getting "caught."

I've lived in several big cities (DC, Paris, Quebec) and traveled in many others and am used

to urban living, staying in hostels and what each entails. I was however taken aback when I entered the women's bathroom late one night and the fetid smell of alcohol and soiled clothing both overwhelmed and nauseated me. It appears a homeless person was allowed in was allowed in through either a window (it was below 40 outside and the windows were wide open in the hallway and bathroom) to use the facilities (I am not making a derogatory comment about the homeless).

The other guests are extremely noisy at night; they stand in the hallways and party. Thankfully, the room air conditioner (it was on when I arrived and as it wasn't high enough to make the room cold, I left it on) acted as white noise to drown them out a bit.

The water pipes in the room rattled hard. They are very loud, but as I was very tired, I was able to sleep.

The staff downstairs is fairly indifferent, but they're not impolite; at least, they weren't to me. I did not complain about the bathroom situation because I was pretty sure they were aware of it.

I did not use the gym, but it looked well-maintained and modern.

In sum, as I just needed a bed for a couple of nights, it did the trick. Would I stay here again? Doubtful.

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