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We rented a pontoon boat for 4 hours from this place.  It was really nice because the boats were only 2 weeks old.  For 4 hours, it is $265 and then they add in the optional insurance of $35, tube rental of $30 and gas (about $25 for us, but will vary depending on how much you use).  All in all you are looking at about $375, all in, once taxes are figured in.

We had been to Lake Lanier twice before, but had only gone to Sunset Cove, which can get insanely crowded with everybody lining their boats up on the beach to the point that there is no room left to actually get in the water.  It was nice to have our own boat and go exploring all the many "private" islands all over the lake.  We found several little islands that we made our own for an hour at a time, stopping on one to have a picnic, another to anchor and swim, and another to relax in the sun.  We spent the last hour tubing before it was time to return the boat to the rental facility.  Time flew by very quickly.  Four hours felt like two hours.  Next time, we'll probably do the full 8 hour rental.

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We were invited to a weekend out on Lake Lanier on one of Lake Lanier's houseboats.  OMG - what a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

Their website proudly professes a $50,000 renovation to each of their 14 houseboats but I can tell you that no matter how much money you spend, if you don't keep it cleaned up it will always look worth a lot less.

The walls were covered in a very dark brown paneling that made the boat feel small and cramped.  The two upstairs beds (no bedrooms, as the bed went from wall to wall) were on a raised platform with the bed pad sitting on top and the two bedrooms downstairs the bed pad was on the floor.

Their were 2 bathrooms, only 1 shower - but it was big enough for two (dirty looking though, icky things on

the floor and on the top) and the bathroom floor, you know, around the toilet bottom were guys tend to hit when they miss the actual commode, yellow, brown, slimy, icky icky icky.

Everywhere I looked the place was scuffed up, dirty, and had so many spiderwebs that I thought they had just decorated early for Halloween!

I don't believe these boats actually go through an actual stripped down cleaning.  When paying $600 a day, you would expect to have the houseboat in the same if not better condition than if you were staying in a hotel room.  Right.

There were 6 people in our party and none of us will ever rent again from Lake Lanier Harbor Marina.

On Saturday night, the generator went out, we had no lights, no a/c, nothing.  We managed to get back to the Harbor expecting to find the "on-call" tech waiting for us as we had put the emergency call in 30 minutes prior to our arrival, but no luck.  We must have made 6 phone calls and finally he arrived.  I found out that the "on-call" guy lives over an hour away.  Wow, great management decision on that one guys!  So after a 3 1/2 hour wait, we finally got up and running again, just in time to go to bed as by then we were exhausted, cranky, tired, and hot!

The hot tub had crud and dirt swirling around in the bottom of the seats and floor, we didn't want to risk catching anything so we opted not to use it.  Based on the money spent, this was the worst weekend get-away ever.

Here are their details:

All houseboats are complete with sleeping accommodations for 10, full kitchen, living area with entertainment center, bath-and-a-half, central heat and air, gas grill and Jacuzzi and waterslide on the top deck. Houseboats are available for rental on a daily and weekly basis.

Guests can pre-order groceries to be stocked on your houseboat.


In Season  (April-Labor Day)  /   Off Season  (Labor Day-March)

Weekend Package

$1,999 /  $1,499

3 nights (Fri. 3p-Mon. 9a)

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