Apartments in Saint George, UT

st george utah apartments for rent277 South 1000 East, Saint George, UT 84770 9 0
  • $833 - $909  | 
  • 3 bedrooms  | 
  • 2.5 - 3 bathrooms

06/06/16 by Verified Resident - Sun Ridge Apartments is an awesome place to live! The grounds are kept clean and well taken care of. Maintenance work is completed in a timely manner. The grounds and apartments are sprayed for bugs regularly. And the annual community BBQ is a blast! more

Sunset Springs Apartments

1660 West Sunset Boulevard, Saint George, UT 84770 7 0
  • $600  | 
  • 2 bedrooms  | 
  • 2 bathrooms

09/28/16 by Angel Naomi - Overall a beautiful apartment complex. The management aren't much different than other apartment complexes and the walls to the outside are really thin, but the grounds are kept very well and overall a clean and great place to live with nice neighbors. They also have herbs planted on some of the walls of the buildings that I love smelling and using (which they encourage tenants to use). more

Rincon del Sol Apartments

1180 West 425 North, Saint George, UT 84770 9 0
  • $662  | 
  • 2 bedrooms  | 
  • 1 bathroom

10/01/15 by anonymous - I lived at these apartments for about 2 years. I only stayed that long because it was my first apartment and I didn't want to move until I got into a house. My number one problem were the neighbors. Every single unit around me had been a nuisance. One was a drug dealer (and very obvious. Different people would be showing up everyday), A couple underneath us would constantly fight and slam more

Riverside Apartments

400 East Riverside Drive, Saint George, UT 84790 21 2
  • $763 - $1011  | 
  • 1 - 2 bedrooms  | 
  • 1 - 2 bathrooms

06/15/15 by A.K. - I lived here for a little over a year and saw BIG improvements in that time. It is an older complex so you have to realize going in that its not brand new, however the things that mattered to me were. carpet, paint, blinds, and toilet seats. The appliances are newer and all of my maintenance issues were addressed within 24 hours, sometimes even within the hour! The management staff and the more

Fountain Heights Apartments

3400 South River Road, Saint George, UT 84790 9 0
  • $418 - $915  | 
  • 2 - 4 bedrooms  | 
  • 1 - 2 bathrooms

02/29/16 by Jferk - I DO NOT recommend renting from this place. The apartment was so dirty when I moved in. I called and told the manager, Ashley and she said she would send skeins over to clean it. Nobody came. I lived there 8 months, paid my rent on time, changed their air filter monthly. When I moved out, a year later I get a call from a collection agencycm I asked them to send an itemized statement. The more

Sierra Pointe Apartments

1503 North 2100 West, Saint George, UT 84770 9 7
  • $600 - $775  | 
  • 1 - 3 bedrooms  | 
  • 1 - 2 bathrooms

03/20/16 by scarlet8686 - I live in the Sierra Point Apartments and I hate it! Moved here for the cheap rent but it is not worth it. This place caters to ---------, so if you are -------, you will probably love it here! The management is -------- and spanish is the spoken language. Your neighbors will be -------- or else pot smoking white trash but mostly -------. The parking lot is right outside your bedroom windows, more

Falls At Mesa Point Apartments

368 South Mall Drive, Saint George, UT 84790 11 1
  • $880 - $1204  | 
  • 1 - 3 bedrooms  | 
  • 1 - 2 bathrooms

11/01/16 by afyrwench - The setting is very pretty but the office staff is very pathetic and crooked. My mother moved out early as she has

health issues. We were told that was a 300 charge to break the lease. After she moved out we were told she was responsibke until it was rented, fine that was 312.00 then we were told it was 75.00 for carpet cleaning. Fine. I paid that. Then after they deducted for light bulbs, door more

Canyonland Apartments

423 South 900 East, Saint George, UT 84770 6 0
  • $254 - $325  | 
  • 1 - 3 bedrooms  | 
  • 1 - 2 bathrooms

09/08/16 by anonymous - I have more negative things to say than positive things. First of all, they charge way too much for a shared room. I think I was paying $325 per month or close to that (I paid for the full school year so it's slightly cheaper) plus deposit as well. I never got my deposit back after moving out. They did not give any of my friends their deposits back either. The apartments are kinda gross. more

Black Hills Apartments

454 North Valley View Drive, Saint George, UT 84770 2 2
  • $509  | 
  • 2 bedrooms  | 
  • 1 bathroom

02/25/15 by anonymous - Black Hills Apartments are the best apartments we have lived in. The landlord is really nice and super helpful. Maintenance is always on top of things and are always super efficient and really keep the home up to date and looking beautiful. Never have a bug problem and they spray regularly and really love this place. Good quality apartment and super friendly and helpful. They currently have a more

Raintree Apartments

32 South 800 East, Saint George, UT 84770 2 1
  • $315  | 
  • 3 bedrooms  | 
  • 2 bathrooms

05/12/14 by optamis10 - I lived in this complex for 2 semesters. I really did enjoy living here and the management was awesome. Anytime we had a problem it was fixed same day. Like the other review mentioned, parking is terrible, I know if there was a way to fix this issue they would but lets be honest you cant just add more parking. That is really the only down fall to this complex. The apartments are bit older more

Summit Pointe Apartments

1710 West 360 North, Saint George, UT 84770 1 0

05/07/11 by goodroof - This is a senior apartment complex, but they allow "under age" people in as well. I'm in my 20's, single and this is a great place! The management and grounds keepers are very nice and polite. Very clean, inside and out. I have been here 1 year and never have had any problems with appliances. They work with you on the rent; my income is low, but they got me a more

Dixie South Apartments

638 South 800 East, Saint George, UT 84770 2 0
  • $320 - $337  | 
  • 2 - 3 bedrooms  | 
  • 2 bathrooms

04/15/16 by Youngston - Dixie South is a great place to live. The management is awesome and the apartments are super big and clean. Our unit has a leather sofa. They have put in fiber optic internet and I am pleased - it is way better than the other internet. I have lived in another place near school, and I love this place because it's fun and I've met some great people. more

Puerta del Sol Apartments

1366 West Indian Hills Drive, Saint George, UT 84770 3 0
  • $715 - $805  | 
  • 2 - 3 bedrooms  | 
  • 1 - 2 bathrooms

12/13/16 by anne_23 - Very unprofessional staffing, Diane the landlady is intrusive and there are multiple complaints about her behavior and lack of professionalism. The apartments seem decent at first, but I and all of our surrounding neighbors have had problems with ants and cockroaches. Appliances were barely in working order, and the laundry facilities are even more disgusting than the constant bug infestations more

Desert Rose Apartments

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