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Franklin is a historic community and peaceful suburb of Nashville. This development is characterized by an amiable, small town feel and boasts a number of antique shops, an attractive downtown area, and a wide selection of recreational activities.

Nashville is the capital and the second most populous city of the U.S. state of Tennessee. It is located on the Cumberland River in Davidson County in the north-central part of the state. Nashville is a major hub for the health care, music, publishing, and transportation industries.

Nashville's population stood at 575,261 as of 2005, according to United States Census Bureau estimates. The 2005 population of the entire 13-county Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area was 1,422,544, making it

the largest and fastest-growing metropolitan area in the state. Search for all Nashville property with our Property Map Search .

I am proud of Nashville and our citizens

Wow, what a week here in Nashville. We all watched as the rains came… then we watched what has been described as a “train” of rain cells line up and unload on our city. I have to say… after seeing the damage and the preliminary clean up that I am Proud to live in this great city and am so grateful to all who have helped us start the recovery process. Here in Nashville, you dont. [Read more]

Billy Winfree with Pinnacle Financial

$8000.00 Credit deadline extended!

Elizabeth Drury with Sun Trust Bank

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