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Swakopmund is a charming seaside village at the foot of desert dunes that sweep down to Namibia's coast near the port of Walvis Bay.

Property and real estate investors can select from a range of different property types including large houses, smaller homes and apartments. Swakopmund is renowned for its stunning architecture and beautiful buildings.

In an area where the beach and the desert have become one, visitors to Swakopmund can refresh and relax in one of Swakopmund's charming hotels, or indulge in German fare and delicacies in one of the many fine cafes and restaurants. With an architectural style brought to Namibia by German settlers over a century ago, Swakopmund is a fascinating town between the Namib Desert and the Kaokoveld and Skeleton Coast region to the north. The port of Walvis Bay was a South African enclave before being handed back to Namibia in 1994, and is not only famous for its fishing, but also for the vast flocks of

flamingo which inhabit the surrounding pans.

Swakopmund is - at least in comparison to the inland - quite chilly. Due to the cold Benguela current, the water is usually too cold for swimming. Until midday, the town is often covered in dense sea fog.

Swakopmund is a popular holiday place, especially during the Christmas holidays, when the Namibians find it too hot in Windhoek. It then becomes quite crowded. Early booking of accommodation is recommended.

Some years ago, the former train station of Swakopmund - one of the many colonial buildings of the town - was transformed into an elegant casino and entertainment complex, including a 5-star luxury hotel. The formerly so sleepy place on the rough Namibian Atlantic coast has evolved into an upmarket seaside resort.

Seeff Swakopmund can assist you with all types of residential property and real estate for sale and rental including houses, apartments, cluster developments, security complexes, land and guesthouses.

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