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Zimbabwe is unique! Where else in the world can a visitor gaze upon hundreds of species of tropical wildlife, thrill to the experience of white water rafting, scale chilly mountain peaks and savour the history of a people that goes back tens of thousands of years? These pleasures are but a few of those waiting to be discovered by those who plan to visit this gem in the heart of Africa.

Zimbabwe is situated on a high plateau in South Central Africa between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers. It is landlocked and bounded by Zambia to the north and northwest, by South Africa to the south, by Mozambique to the east and northeast and by Botswana to the South West.

Zimbabwe is from the Shona "zimba ramabwe" meaning "big house of stone". This usually denotes a royal house. The Great Zimbabwe ruins monument remains a dominant reminder of such structures.

The climate

in Zimbabwe is tropical, moderated by altitude, and with a rainy season from November to March.

The capital city is Harare, home to close to 2 million people. Harare is derived from the Shona word "haarari" literally translated as one who does not sleep.

Few African capitals make such a deep impression on the visitor as Harare. Harare is a pearl among African cities, an ordered haven of modern shops, hotels and high rise offices punctuated by spacious boulevards and manicured parks. An even deeper impression is made by the city's modern architecture. Among these are the Westgate Shopping Centre, Sam Levy and Eastgate buildings.

Whilst in the city, Mbare the first black settlement is a place worth visiting. Here artifacts and souvenirs are in abundance at the Mbare Art and Craft Centre. Local craft centres abound, offering artifacts that portray the roots of many cultures. After dark the city is alive.

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