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If you are looking for at Brittany property for sale for the first time you are unlikely to be familiar with the process, the language, the seller’s obligations or indeed your obligations as the buyer, not to mention the areas to buy or more importantly not to buy. You will be looking on the internet for Brittany properties to get an idea of what is available and at what price – we all love a bargain! BUT STOP! YOU MAY BE VERY VULNERABLE to one of the many unregistered agents or websites looking to cash in on your ignorance!

And it doesn’t stop there, if looking at private adverts for Brittany property for sale. how do you know if the sale price asked is realistic for that area of Brittany? How will you know what reports are obligatory for the property you are looking at and how will you understand them if you get them? One of these, for example, is the compulsory asbestos report – would you knowingly buy a property in Brittany that is riddled with asbestos? You need to be certain that you have received and understood fully all reports before entering into any agreement to purchase, or “Compromis de Vente”. You will probably need to find an English speaking surveyors, English speaking French registered builders, find a UK based legal advisor, a currency exchange service, French mortgages, an English speaking French bank, a reliable English speaking French insurance company, French removals service, English speaking Brittany Notaires and French translation service, to name but a few.

In order to provide the best possible true service to our clients as well as to offer you the very best selection of Brittany Properties for sale on, when contacting us you will only ever deal with employees of registered French estate agencies. We have no “middle men”, “Agents Commerciaux” or commission only self employed sales staff attempting to pressure you into a purchase – we believe in total accountability to you, our client. These registered and insured French Estate Agents have all subscribed to the Quality Charter, allowing us to offer you the exclusive “Total Peace of Mind” Guarantee, including our “Lowest Price” guarantee. You have a personal contact at who will meticulously look after your search from start to finish and beyond. Why risk your future happiness in Brittany and accept anything less than the ultimate guaranteed service for finding your property for sale in Bretagne? That’s why you should use; because you deserve the best, don’t you? deals with multiple fully registered estate agencies in Brittany, including having an exclusive agreement with the largest Brittany estate agents chain AVIS, to provide you with the best service and largest choice of Brittany Property for sale in English anywhere on the internet.

Why be Especially Careful to Choose a Fully Registered French Estate Agents? Unlike in the UK, where just about anyone can open an estate agency and sell houses, to open an “Agence Immobilier” in France and legally offer houses for sale you must have specific qualifications, no criminal record, publish your tariffs, have financial guarantees and insurances to protect clients. For your total peace of mind, only using a registered Estate Agency with a Carte Professional number should be your first and undeniably most important step in finding your property in Brittany. is proud to be holders of CP number xxxx issued in Dpt xxxx and we have a legal “accord”, or agreement, to deal on your behalf with a select number of registered estate agencies in Brittany France – Do not be reassured by other “Agents”, “Middle-men”, or websites referring you to registered agents. Any of their promises will not be insurance backed and they are unlikely to provide any true service for the fee you will be paying. It could even be argued that in using these “middle men” “agents” and even indirectly paying any sort of a commission, you are contravening French Law. (The French estate agency legislation “loi Hoguet”) And when a website insists that their “service” is free, treat this with the obvious contempt this deserves – of course you are paying them – just be sure you are getting some additional level of service for it, better still, find your Brittany property with and reassure yourselves that you have made the best choice in Brittany, with a written service contract and guaranteed value for money.

Buying Direct with the Notaires in Brittany? All sales of properties in Brittany, as in all of France, have to be handled by a Notaire, and

going direct to a Notaire is said to save you money – but does it? Few Notaires have any choice of interesting properties for sale in Brittany, and what they do have are often the sort of properties a Real estate agent would walk away from and they do still charge you an “agency” fee on a sale. It is rare that they will negotiate the asking price for you, and rarer still that they will offer you much of a pre or post purchase service in English. Also worth noting that there are reputedly more Notaires in prison in France than estate agents! The French Notaires will also often engage the services of a local “translator” to help you, but their fee is also added to the final price you pay. Be very careful if buying a property to renovate in Brittany with a Notaire too, there are some specific pitfalls to avoid, and will ensure you do so, whereas we have seen many British buyers of property in Brittany come unfortunately unstuck. Don’t forget – buying a property in Brittany with Brittany gives you an exceptional level of service and our lowest price guarantee, even for the same property you may find in a Notaires anyway.

What do The Property Prices in include? EVERYTHING! Unlike 99.9% of other Brittany property websites our prices include everything you have to pay* including the Notaires legal fees and are the maximum purchase prices for the Brittany propertys you see – before our experienced negotiators have made an offer on your behalf for the properties you are interested in. Don’t forget, we work for the purchaser and not the sellers, so will always seek out the best deal for you – beware websites offering prices FAI (Frais d’Agence Inclus) as THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRICE and will have to have other substantial fees and disbursements added – be very suspicious of anyone trying to hide the real price of your new property in Brittany. Don’t forget – the fully inclusive prices of property for sale on Brittany also include our unbeatable assistance package with the exclusive “Total Peace of Mind” Guarantee and including our “Lowest Price” guarantee. You know where you are with, and who you are dealing with.

What Should You do Next to find your Dream Brittany Property? Arrange a visit! As one of the most experienced English speaking estate agents in Brittany our experience and affinity with our clients and estate agencies has shown us that the best way to choose a property in Brittany is not by looking at endless pages with blurred photographs on the internet, many of which you will find are non-existent “tempters” posted by the unregulated web sites to get you to contact them. Come and visit cottages for sale in Brittany with and our professional registered estate agents will have scrupulously prepared for your viewings, and will be happy to reply to the many questions you will have. Worth noting that less than 5% of visitors ever buy “that house” they saw and specifically came to view, trust our experience to show you the best of what is available whilst here. With a visit, you get to see the views from the properties for yourselves, meet the neighbours, or listen to the birdsong in the trees, or to put it another way you will be able to “test the ambiance” of owning a house in Brittany. To arrange a visit, we can help you choose the best way of getting to Brittany by boat, train or plane – (you can look here for direct flights to Brittany) and when you arrive in Brittany, which areas are most likely to appeal. A phone call is usually the quickest and easiest way to ascertain your precise requirements, so why not leave us your number on our contact form here and we will call you back, or fill in the detailed property search form here and our sophisticated database driven search engine will come up with a suitable selection of the many thousands of Brittany properties for sale through us. You can also choose the bespoke option of a personalized property search by completing the details here. Nothing can replace the exhilaration of arriving for the first time in front of idyllic Breton homes in beautiful Brittany. is a unique way to find your ideal Brittany property. If you want to experience a new way of property hunting in Brittany, have a browse through some of our Brittany properties here.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Brittany and helping you discover its many delights.

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