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As a resident of Summit Warner Center, in fairness, they do attempt to meet resident's problems. My concern and grievance is with the  management and owner. I rented a 2 BR TH and each time it rains, there is a water leak in the master bedroom. Each time, someone from the office comes to look at the wall, they then send someone out to paint over the stain. Looks like  new. Rain day again, problem is back. I mentioned after the second time, the roof needs to be repaired. Heads were nodded, yes. Someone comes to repair the roof, "I thought", with horrendous noise all day (I work from home). Thought problem was fixed, nope, rain day again, LEAK AGAIN. Question is, what were the roofers doing for 3-4 days? Is there anyone with intelligence in the management or ownership? Another issue I have is that this problem is NOT NEW. I have lived here for 7 mths, so surely the previous resident dealt with this problem also. As large and old as the complex is, you would think the roofs would be maintained. When asked if I could receive a discount on my rent until the problem is fixed, SILENCE. Futrue residents, just be aware that this is the type of management and ownership running this place.

Wow where to begin. For anyone considering moving here - take the reviews seriously. My GF and I moved into the Summit in November 2013. We committed to an 11 month lease of one of the loft units. We saw the reviews, but when our agent took us around it didn't seem so bad. I'm going to keep it short and bullet the issues we had:

1. When we signed out lease we did the walkthrough. We outlined quite a few things we wanted fixed - poorly fitted window screens, scratches in the paint, lights not working, and others. We had 2 weeks before we moved in, and we gave them permission to enter whenever to get these things corrected. Upon move in, nothing had been done. We also had to sign our lease a whopping 7 times - the leasing agent couldn't get the right amounts on there. Yes, 7 times.

2. During the rain season, we noticed a very wet wall in the guest room. Clear sign of a water leak. Reported the issue - no action ever taken.

3. We reported moderate termite issues in the water heater room. It was clear they were there, and there was clear damage. No action taken.

4. Our gas fireplace didn't work. Had to call twice to get it finally fixed.

5. I reported that people were drinking alcohol in glass bottles by the pool over the summer. I don't care if people drink - just not from glass. The guy at the front desk asked me what I had done to deal with it. Why would it be my responsibility?

6. Summit drains most of the pools this past summer, in June/July, to replaster. In the middle of the freaking


7. The GF was parked inside the complex and got a ticket at 7PM one night. The ticket was for no 'overnight" parking. How can there be overnight parking tickets at 7PM. Brought this to the front desk and they told me all residents had to park in their garages - something we were never told when we moved in. Note we always had one car in the garage. I challenged this assertion indicating that most people only park one car (if that) in their garages. Guy at front desk proceeded to argue with me over it saying it was in the lease. Note that the lease also says nothing can be stored in the garage at all, bike cannot go in the garage or the units, and other absurd CYA rules - most of which aren't followed anyway.

8. One night there was a major domestic disturbance near our place. Called security. They never showed. Speaking of security - in the 10 months we lived there we had multiple people over and not once did they ever call to ask if we were expecting anyone, or to verify anyone's identity. Anyone can get into the complex.

9. Overall the place is rundown and gross. Pools are overly chlorinated, the gym usually has broken equipment, at almost any time at least one of the gates is stuck open. They should be ashamed of it's condition.

10. Dog poop. Everywhere. Watch your step!

11. Multiple times there was "deck work" done on our decks. Never was our permission asked for or given. Two times the workers left all their gear on the deck, and broke several potted plants on one occasion.

This is just a few of the issues we encountered. Note that all of these were reported to the property manager, Azul, in writing, multiple time. She has NEVER corresponded back to us in any way/shape/form.

12. - This is the BIG ONE. We decided to terminate our lease early. We had enough after 9 months, and got the F out of there. The accountant made a mistake with our paperwork, and we were not paid our security deposit back for over 60 days. By law they had 21 days to refund us. After 21 days they owe us the full amount. We're reasonable, and made multiple calls and sent letters inquiring about our deposit. Mistakes had been made, but we'd be getting something we were assured!  Once we did receive it, the amounts were incorrect, the invoices didn't match the charge statement, and other issues. We sent more letters. Finally, we threatened to take it to the next step to get our full deposit back. After close to 100 days, we received the remainder of our deposit from GHP management. In fact, the manager at GHP is the only person who has ever responded to any of our issues.

This place could be good with the right management. However, as it stand now it's absolutely horrible. Do not live here. If you do, document everything.

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