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The policy at Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty, Ltd. is that we represent the landlords who list their property with us for rent.If you are interested in one of those properties, we will present your application and your proposal to rent the property to the landlord, for his/her decision. We would be working on their behalf, unless you arrange otherwise with the associate/licensee at Westwood in advance. (In some cases we can, will all parties previously consenting, act as Disclosed Dual Agents for landlord and tenant). That will be discussed with you be the agent, should you wish to consider that option. NY State has a required document which you will be asked to read and sign, describing our client relationships on rentals.

If you wish to work exclusively with one of our associates representing you to see a rental from other than MLS resources, that associate will ask you to give them your commitment in return for theirs.As some rentals listed on MLS and with other brokers do not offer compensation to us for working with the tenant, or just a nominal dollar amount, you may be asked to insure that Westwood gets paid for our services as part of the rental negotiation terms, or by you directly, if the landlord is unwilling to pay us a reasonable and fair fee for our services to you.(Please discuss with your Westwood licensee the minimum fee that he/she would expect for helping

you to secure a workable rental. We would make every effort to have the landlord pay for that compensation to Westwood, through a cooperative split with the listing agency, to be represented with your offer to be considered as their tenant. We believe in most cases if you are an acceptable tenant for the landlord, they will work out acceptable co-operative compensation to Westwood in the negotiations. If they do not, and you wish to rent the property, you would be responsible for making up any shortcoming in our agreed upon minimum fee).

We are certain that you understand, as any professional paid for their services, we cannot undertake a commitment to you without addressing our expectations up front with you, just as you address yours.If you wish to engage our professional network and our time to secure you a rental at this time, we can only do so with an anticipated payment for such services.

Once you return your criteria, and initial that you agree to the terms outlined, we will do the same and be sure that you are contacted by one of our rental specialists.Please continue to check the website regularly to identify rental properties of interest to you, so that we can investigate them to determine whether they are suitable for you and whether we should set up appointments for you to view them.

Sincerely, Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty, Ltd.

Information sheet from prospective tenants

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