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Affordable Office Space in Manhattan, Chicago, and Boston

Attractive, professional office space accommodations at roughly 30-50% of the cost of equipping and staffing conventional offices. Affordable office space is a prime advantage of working with us. No capital investment

There is no need to buy or lease office equipment or furniture. An affordable office. both in terms of operating costs and startup costs, means you can spend on growing your business. Higher productivity

By leaving the operation of your office to a staff of trained professionals, your company personnel can concentrate on managing and marketing your business. Flexibility

The flexibility of short term or long term obligations - both from a planning and financial statement point of view. Varying lease term lengths are available (monthly or annually). We give you the benefit of affordable office space without the disadvantage of locking you into a five or ten year lease. Convenience

A small office near home or the people you do business with every day. One workspace or multiple workspaces are both options. Enhanced technology and services

Access to "information highway" technology and first-class concierge handling of business needs. Some examples of enhanced services available are extremely competitive telephone calling plans, graphic and web design, catering, computer networking, consulting, and more. People Networking

Being part of our office communities creates opportunities and can improve your business, both equally compelling reasons to work here. Fun and Friendly Environment

Our members enjoy coming to work because they meet interesting people from different industries. Our planned and spontaneous social events, such as our Friday coffee breaks, create an inviting and exciting vibe. MicroOffice is a great place to work and also gives you a chance to escape for a while and mingle with others.

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