Birmingham mansions

birmingham mansions

Birmingham. AL One or two members of the “kennel” (we call them the “Hares”) lays a trail with flour, chalk and/or toilet paper across every imaginable terrain in the area. The pack of runners & walkers or “harriers & harriettes” chase the hares by following the "trail marks" until they reach the end of trail or the “On In". Along the way, the “Hares” will make diversions and stops (checks) of various types (including beer checks) to slow the pack down and keep the runners & walkers together.

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'Big Chill' House For Sale At $4.5 Million (PHOTOS)


Hands down, the coming-of-age "reality" film for baby boomers was the 1983 movie, "The Big Chill," the story of seven former college friends gathered for the funeral of one of their friends 15 years after graduation. The dead friend was played by Kevin Costner, whose scenes were cut from the final version of the film so that he never actually appeared. And now, the Beaufort South Carolina antebellum house where the movie was filmed just came on the market at $4.

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Large Country Houses, Big Manor Houses, Country Estates and Mansions to rent in the UK

Find your perfect place to stay for your big family holiday, special occasion or event from our fantastic collection of large country houses, big manors, spacious halls and large country estates. Renting a Large House can be a great choice for big groups who want to get away from it all, for luxury breaks, for self catering weddings, parties or other celebrations. Quite often large country houses are available to rent for weekend or 3 night bookings - check with owners re what bookings they accept.

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Beautiful mansions for sale

Hydra Island Houses & Land For Sale Stunning Hydra. A great video of Hydra. Watch and see how special this place is. Your House on Hydra. The island of Hydra is truly unique, considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. Strict architectural controls and the absence of any kind of motorised transport give the island its unique charm. Buying a house on the island is much more than just a property purchase - it's a lifestyle choice! On Hydra life slows down to a relaxed pace and the pressures of modern life become a distant memory.

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America's most beautiful mansions

The Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina. (Photo: The Biltmore Company/Newscom) Mansions: They’re opulent. They’re enormous. And their histories are rife with social drama. No wonder they pique our curiosity. The exact definition of the word “mansion” varies, but in U. S. real estate terms, it’s generally defined as a single-family residence of more than 8,000 square feet. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary just calls it “a large and imposing residence.

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Beachfront mansions for sale

beachfront mansions for sale

Destin and Miramar Beach Featured Properties “Destin and Miramar Beach – these communities though individually unique share one of the most exquisite beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. The white sandy beaches and the crystal clear emerald water are just the backdrop for several unique coastal communities that offer an array of eclectic art, cuisine and lifestyle. ” Beachfront Property Experts Cathy and Christine use extensive real estate knowledge, creativity, enthusiastic energy and unique marketing concepts to provide their clients with the best real estate service possible in Destin and the Beaches of South Walton’s marketplace.

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Homes for Sale Carolina Beach NC

beach mansions for sale

Carolina Beach: Nostalgic Americana and Timeless Charm If you grew up in the '50s or ‘60s and your family vacationed at the beach, Carolina Beach, a quaint beach town which embodies coastal Americana, will bring back fond memories. Located just 12 miles south of Wilmington, NC, Carolina Beach is bordered to the west by the Cape Fear River, to the north by the Snows Cut Bridge, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

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Beach mansions

beach mansions

The Beach House Restaurant on Kauai is well-known to both residents and visitors for its spectacular oceanfront setting along the island's sunny south shore. As a consistent winner of Honolulu Magazine's Hale Aina Gold Award for Best Kauai Restaurant, The Beach House has earned a reputation on Kauai that goes well beyond its breathtaking setting. Since January of 2000, The Beach House has been under ownership of longtime Hawaii restaurateurs Roy Dunn and Mike Hooks, whose reputation also includes the establishment of another fine dining restaurant on Maui - The Plantation House Restaurant in the Kapalua Resort area.

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Barbie mansions

barbie dream house

Barbie Dream House Creativity, dreams, and excitement are basic aspects of a little ladies playtime. Any girl that has their own Barbie may wish to have their personal 3 story Barbie desire house. Knowing what these types of doll houses have to give you is important, especially because the holidays are nearing faster than a person thought. In a few stores, these houses will definitely be more expensive, but this shouldn’t be all that essential.

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Australian mansions for sale

POPULAR LOCATIONS Cheap Houses for Sale For frugal buyers looking for cheap houses for sale, REIQ has cheap property listings from all over Queensland for less than $300 000. Many of these houses are in small rural towns with a much lower demand for property than in metropolitan areas. In many cases, for less than $200 000, you could purchase a 1-3 bedroom home on a small block. These cheap houses for sale  are perfect for those looking to move out of busy (an expensive) city areas, to somewhere substantially cheaper.

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