Detroit mansions for sale

Hundreds of properties are for sale in Detroit with asking prices of less than $5,000. Zillow Detroit's real estate market is in dismal shape, and some properties, like this 2,248 square-foot home, are on sale for $1. In some cities, they’d be a bargain at twice the price, but not in Detroit. As the national real estate market has begun bouncing back from the housing bubble burst of 2007, Detroit home prices have continued to stagnate.

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Derelict mansions for sale

derelict mansions for sale

Imagine entire islands and vast building complexes eerily abandoned virtually in your own back yard. This seemingly far-fetched scenario might be more real than you realize. Complexes of more than 150 buildings and even small islands are located near the heart of major cities such as Houston and Washington DC. You may know these 70 Wonders of the Ancient World but few consider how such ‘wonders’ become abandoned at all.

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For sale: $135 million for a Dallas estate

First look: Inside a $135 million home

With a price tag of $135 million, the sprawling Crespi/Hicks estate in Dallas is considered one of the most expensive homes for sale in the U. S. right now. Originally built in the late 1930's for an Italian count named Pio Crespi, the property is currently owned by Tom Hicks, a financier and the one-time owner of the Texas Rangers. Hicks and his wife, Cinda, bought the home for an undisclosed amount 16 years ago and have since spent roughly $100 million on renovations.

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Dallas mansions

dallas mansions

Extreme Dallas-Area House Porn: Champs D’Or The Champ d’Or, one of the most expensive estates in Texas, is back on the market for nearly $70,000,000 — $69,900,000 to be exact. (That’s $100,000 to negotiate. ) The 48,000. sq foot mega mansion is located in Hickory Creek right across the Denton county/Tarrant county line. I have been following updates on the Champ and recently made the trek up to Hickory Creek, from Arlington, to go visit the estate…visit as in (shucky darn) “go look around”, not “invited in”.

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Custom mansions

At Sterling Custom Homes, we understand that your luxury custom home is so much more than just a house. Your custom home is the culmination of years of your hard work. It’s where quality moments will be shared with family and friends. The experience you have building your custom home should be equally enjoyable. We have developed a unique process that allows us to transform your ideas into reality.

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Country mansions for sale uk


COUNTRY ESTATES FOR SALE There are a limited number of country estates for sale in the UK. Many of the country estates that are sold in the UK rarely reach the open market. At Elite Property Search we specialise in the search and acquisition of prestige UK country property and have the in depth knowledge of the UK country estate market required to ensure successful purchases for our clients. We have an in depth knowledge of the country estates for sale in many of the rural areas of the UK including, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, The New Forest and the Cotswolds and use this to help our clients find the finest country estates first.

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country mansions for sale in england

Award winning design complemented by stunning clear water lakes and natural woodland offering privacy, security and seclusion for each of our new luxury waterfront homes. We have created a series of different styles and finishes for each home giving you the opportunity to create your own unique space, combining contemporary and UK country house living. A comprehensive property management and concierge service will remove all the anxiety and worry that owning a second home can bring, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment at The Lakes.

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Tour the country’s most expensive mansion for sale

country mansions for sale

Photo Gallery When this Florida home went on the market, it rose above all others in price. This mansion costs $139 million. William P. D. Pierce, a property specialist with Coldwell Banker Previews International in Miami, listed Le Palais Royal on Millionaires Mile near Fort Lauderdale. This “palace” is now the most expensive house on the market in America. according to the official Coldwell Banker blog.

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Wonderful Contemporary House with Wood Paneling

Wonderful Contemporary House with Wood Paneling: Inspiring Contemporary House With Wooden Floor Wooden Roof Design ~ Architecture Inspiration

Home » Architecture » Wonderful Contemporary House with Wood Paneling February 1st, 2015. Architecture, Wonderful Contemporary House with Wood Paneling. Build Contemporary House is an interesting idea if you want the type of house that will not timeless. This is because the contemporary design can always be changed along with the times. Contemporary home built in the city center often causes many negative sides we do not want, such as pollution; both air and sound.

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Connecticut Homes for Sale & Connecticut Real Estate Listings

Connecticut Homes for Sale Moving to Connecticut? The best place to start your search for Connecticut real estate. Find average home prices of real estate listings in Connecticut, you can see price by property types including single family homes and Connecticut land for sale. You can also search Connecticut homes for sale and foreclosures in popular Connecticut cities and communities. Connecticut offers many retirement communities for residents seeking year around New England charm.

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