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Definitely one of my Zurich favs! I have had dinner in Loft Five and, shame on me, I have to admit I got the same thing twice: the July - special mozzarella - tomato salad, which is purely delicious! My boyfriend tried their burgers and the Caesar salad: both veery tasty!

Both of the times, we have chosen the indoors seating - it is still a mystery to me why people fight for the outdoors seating: it's

nothing but pleasant listening to the trains coming and going right next to you eating your burger and enjoying your beer. However, outdoors was full and indoors was empty. Good for us, since indoors has really nice decorations in classical US early style, but still elegant.

Service was both times nice; we were neither bugged, not extremely talked to, but that's great by my standards!

I have to admit Loft Five is my favorite destination for an early dinner, when I find myself close to ZH HB!

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