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Love this building. I do not hear my neighbors at all (big change from my last place) as its all concrete construction. No fire alarm troubles really, although the smoke detectors are a bit senstive. I guess I'd rather a false alarm on my kitchen's smoke level than no alarm. There's nice hardwood throughout my apartment (I'm told its real and i believe it, it doesnt feel like bamboo/engineered hardwood). I have a great master bathroom. The shower in it is great and I dont know how I've gone so long without such a nice shower.

The rent has, surprisingly, gone down slightly from 3 years ago which I am perfectly okay with.

The in/out ramp for the garage is a little tight but if you know the dimensions of your car you'll be fine. Biggest downside of the building is that

you're stuck with Comcast here, which is a real downside for me. Also I wish the building would just bill us direct for water/sewer/trash rather than through its 3rd party billing company which is on par with Comcast level of customer service, but I'm sure those types of contracts are decided at a corporate level and the building has no control over it.

My leasing agent was and continues to be really friendly. Dan, the service manager of the building is great at his job, quick to show up and friendly. Really all the staff has been great.

Please dont live here: the less popular it is the cheaper it will be for me and I'd love to live here for longer and cheaper. My neighbors also seem to not be moving out so you might have a hard time finding a spot anyway.

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