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Owned and operated by Mike and Susan Smith, Yucca Lofts has been dedicated to being one of the top breeding facilities in the United States for the past 40 years. Mike started flying pigeons at the age of 14.

He met Susan when she was 8 years old, as she accompanied her father to the club shipping. Sixteen years later Mike and Susan married and merged their pigeon knowledge. Together Mike and Susan possess over 75 years of pigeon racing experience.

Yucca Lofts was founded in 1971 when Mike and Susan moved into their present home in Glendora, California. At that time their family of birds were Sions. The Smith Sions came into being in the early 60’s. Speed is the essence of racing and for this reason they decided to bring in a cross. Mike searched elsewhere to bring in the proper pigeon to cross with the Smith Sions.

In 1979, Mike was invited as a guest to visit Ralph and Dawn Wilcox to visit them in Belgium. It was during that visit, that Mike was introduced to Mr. Englebin who was the original source of the world famous Roosens pigeons. Englebin had received the base of his family from Mr. Van Spitael. At the time of his visit Englebin was in failing health and

needed to leave the sport. Mike’s fortunate timing provided him the opportunity to have first selection from this famous loft. What started out as a cross with the Sions ended up as the core of the Smith's present pigeon family.

The Smith Family of pigeons now consists of approximately 75% of the original Englebin pigeons and the remaining 25% are Sion, Janssen, and the birds from Leo and Maria Broeckx. The Broeckx pigeons were originally introduced in 1986 and again in 1998 with very outstanding results.

“Our main objective has been to produce Champions that are true to type,” said Mike Smith, owner and chief breeder of Yucca Lofts. “By this I mean that we strive to breed birds that can produce their likeness – inbred birds that can perform. We feel that with our current family of birds, we have achieved results that meet and even exceed our goals.”

“We will never have the largest breeding operation, because breeding quality must be proven by race results and be reflective of the number of birds in our breeding program,” continued Susan Smith. “What we lack in size we definitely make up for in quality. Yucca Lofts delivers on its promise to consistently breed champion racing pigeons.”

To learn more about Yucca Lofts or to ask Mike and Susan questions, please e-mail info@yuccalofts.com.

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