12 Tips for Living Well in Your Loft or Studio

Short on storage? No separate bedroom? Here's how to maximize space and turn your loft or studio into a home that suits you to a T


Having lived in both a studio for a couple of a years and aloft for decades, here are some tips:

Studios are not rarely wide enough for a wall of closets - and if it is a rental, you won't spend money on a built-in. So cut down on what you own and look forlaces where you can create storage above a door in an interior hallway.

In a loft, consider less-than full height dividers to separate a room, if privacy isn't critical. This maintains the airy feeling. Too many people turn lofts into apartments.

Tribal kilimn are excellent for long, narrow

space - semi-antique ones - the real ones. Their dimensions differ from standard rugs. Traditional kilimns tend to be about 4' wide X 12 or more feet long. The width is determined by the hand loom used to make the. In narrow spaces, kilim runners work well. With them, you can create a vibrant gallery on your open floors.

Lofts tend to have high ceilings - mine are 11' - and the walls are long runs, so finding art to hang on them is tricky. Small scale galleries might work in a small area of a loft but, beyond that, you sometimes need very large pieces.

Find ways to add architectural I therest without renovating, if that's not in your budget.

The last photo below is from a prior iteration of my loft.

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