YWCA Salem, Oregon

What we’ve done for YWCA

We work closely with the YWCA Salem chapter in several key areas:

  • We designed, built, and assist the YWCA in maintaining a brand new website. Several images from the website are featured below. Click the thumbnail images to view larger versions. The new website is built on WordPress with a custom-coded theme and a design crafted to closely follow national YWCA brand guidelines.
  • We provide ongoing IT technical support for the YWCA. Andrew works closely with several staff members at the two YWCA facilities in Salem. We perform a variety of tasks, including setup of collaborative software for staff members, maintaining and updating staff computer systems, and planning future technology acquisitions.

We are proud of our longtime relationship with our local YWCA. This relationship led to a project with the YWCA Alaska as well,

who asked us to provide them a modified version of the website design we had built for YWCA Salem.

Opt-e-Web has provided wonderful IT support for us at the YWCA Salem. I especially appreciate their ticketing system they have setup for service requests. Once the request has been submitted, we receive notification that the request was received and is being reviewing. After the service is complete, we are notified that the ticket is closed.

Even though they are busy serving other clients, Opt-e-Web strives to get to us as fast as they can, keeping us updated on their arrival time.

The team at Opt-e-Web is amazing. They take pride in their service and are proud to be a part of this community.

– Cheri

We did not create the new Center for Community Innovation website. Please direct any questions about that site to CCI.

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