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Tudor City Real Estate

Tudor City apartments offer residents the luxury of living in a smaller residential community with a prime Midtown East location in Manhattan. Tudor City is located in between First and Second Avenues, with East 40th Street to the south and East 43rd Street to the north. Named as a New York historic district, Tudor City’s five thousand residents enjoy a unique and somewhat secluded living experience in the heart of New York City.

Created as the first residential skyscraper complex in the world, Tudor City can easily be found amongst the Manhattan skyline beneath its famous sign rising above 42nd Street. Located across First Avenue from the United Nations Headquarters, residents can enjoy a variety of amenities within the complex, including several restaurants, convenience and grocery

stores, garden parks and playground areas. These aspects add to the community feel of Tudor City, allowing inhabitants to remain in the vicinity of their homes. In addition, with its close proximity to Grand Central Station, subways and bus routes, transportation to and from the neighborhood is easy to come by.

The surrounding location of Midtown East is largely residential, with many restaurants and bars in close proximity to Tudor City. Further west of the complex, larger department stores and other high-rise apartment buildings can be found in addition to landmarks, such as the New York Public Library and Bryant Park. Tudor City houses a range of demographics and is the perfect place for either a professional working in Midtown looking for a more residential atmosphere, or a family searching for a small community within the city.

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