New Luxury Tokyo Apartments For Sale and For Rent: The Westminster Roppongi

The Westminster Roppongi exemplifies class, setting a new standard for luxury and quality living in Tokyo. Created with the mindset of contemporary design and first-rate craftsmanship, this luxurious building is a work of art.

Why The Westminster Roppongi? Here are a few points to consider:

– One of the most desired locations in Central Tokyo, next to Roppongi Hills and famous International Schools

– Stable Rental Income: next to Roppongi Hills, with many international companies nearby

– Expatriate style layout with high quality furnishings

– Hills Spa Membership for Owners

– Managed by the renowned Mori Building

– Tastefully renovated by the world renowned Grosvenor and designed by Paul Davis and Partners

Property Information:

Unit Types: 1 bedroom – 3 bedrooms

Unit Area Range: 86.71 sqm – 155.84 sqm

Balcony Area Range: 3.79 sqm – 15.41 sqm

The Westminster Roppongi is located in Roppongi, an internationally renowned neighborhood. Tokyo’s Roppongi district is the beating heart of Japanese modern and pop culture. Roppongi Hills, the world renowned complex includes a museum, a cinema, a luxury hotel, and commercial entertainment facilities: all within easy reach of The Westminster Ropppongi. Roppongi has everything for people looking for an urban atmosphere that is also reserved and elegant. While abundant greenery will let you forget that you are in a metropolis, The Westminster Roppongi is located in an area where the residents can enjoy the changing seasons. To keep the property sustainable for years to come, a handful of experts were selected from all over the world to be a part of this unique renovation project. The Westminster Roppongi incorporates a Japanese “Wa” atmosphere as well as a Western feel to its creation. British sense of style and Japanese essences fuse together to create this wonderful property.

Transportation: Access to Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and Toei Oedo Line from Azabujuban Subway Station (7 minute walk to exit 7), Access to Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line from Roppongi Subway Station (8 minute walk to exit 7) Access to Toei Oedo Line from Roppongi Subway Station (10 minute walk to exit 3).

The Westminster Roppongi is entirely modern, and the architecture was overseen by Paul Davis, an architect that has created several properties in the famous areas in Chelsea, London including Belgravia and Mayfair as well as all over the world. Renowned Japanese sculptor and stone artist Masatoshi Izumi gives life to stones that have existed over ages of time. Using his stones as sculptures, you can feel time passing through this modern setting. Master Gardener, Toemon Sano, is a 16th generation cherry tree planter, brings his extensive skills and experience to the project. In the Japanese garden, Sano has planted a 35 year old cherry tree, taken from the famed Maruyama Park in Kyoto. Tucked away in Roppongi Sakurazaka is The Westminster Roppongi.

The large windows let in the beautiful sunlight of Tokyo and create a dramatic sense of light and shade. As you glance through the large windows you can see the beautiful, meticulously crafted garden that holds the heart of Japanese essence in design. In the spring, you can experience beautiful Sakura trees from the comfort of your own home. The building comes with a concierge service where guests are welcomed upon arrival. Messages can be left at the desk for later retrieval. Newspaper

subscriptions can be arranged through the concierge and packages delivered while residents are out are temporarily kept at reception. Package deliveries can be arranged through the concierge as well. The concierge can arrange for trusted laundry professionals to visit a residence to pick up items that need cleaning and return them directly later on. The concierge can arrange for taxis and limousines to pick up residents and the concierge can also introduce residents to food delivery services and book hotel rooms. For a fee, residents may also request the concierge to process bulk item disposals and clean air conditioner filters. Porters are also available and will greet residents at the building entrance. They accommodate a variety of requests, including carrying luggage to a residence or car. The Westminster Roppongi has spared no expense in making their residents feel at home at all times and have the convenience of living at the highest quality. All tenants who purchase a property within The Westminster Roppongi are eligible to enter the Hills Spa, as will as the Roppongi Hills Club. Ark Hills Club is also available. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the high life in Tokyo and have access to the most luxurious spas and gyms that Tokyo has to offer. The Hills Spa is a Members only Health Club that has a pool. After swimming in the pool, members can relax in the Jacuzzi or sauna. Residents of The Westminster Roppongi are automatically enrolled into the residents only Special Benefits Program, which offers special services and discounts at various establishments in Roppongi Hills, Omotesando Hills, Venus Fort, and other locations. This includes exclusive discounts at 290 shops and restaurants, taking advantage of any offer will earn the member points, which can be exchanged for a range of items including original gift sets, hotel vouchers, and gift certificates that can be used at Roppongi Hills and Omotesando Hills. There is no annual membership fee for this Special Benefits Program. The Westminster Roppongi offers special car services for the convenience of its residents. Two electric “smart” cars are available for rent to allow residents to go on shopping excursions in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. The latest Mercedes-Benz models are available for rent to add a touch of luxury to weekend excursions. (Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only.) These beautiful apartments all have meticulously crafted wooden flooring, paired with white walls. All the appliances are futuristic and have the highest standards. Living at The Westminster Roppongi means living at the highest standard of living available in Tokyo. The interior is a delicacy, and has a distinctive feel to it. The building manages to be both beautiful and functional, with expansive views of the Motoazabu residential area.

Land Designation: Type 2 Residential Zone; Fire Safety Enforcement Zone. Units: 99. Land Area: 4.439.84 sqm. Building Area: 1,380.50 sqm. Gross Floor Area: 21,716.60 sqm. Structure/Size: Reinforced concrete with steel beams; 14 floors + 1 basement level. Construction Completion Date: June 2003. Management: Mori Building Co. Ltd. Management Fee: JPY 40,410 – JPY 72,630 per month. Improvement Fund: JPY 23,590 – JPY 42,390 per month. Parking Space: JPY 40,000 – JPY 60,000 per month. Bicycle Parking Space: 300 yen per month per bicycle. Motorbike Parking Space: 5,000 yen per month per motorbike.

The Westminster Roppongi is produced by renowned British developer Grosvenor. Grosvenor has a long history, starting in 1677 with the marriage of Mary Davis and Thomas Grosvenor. They amassed large amounts of property near the world famous Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park and now own several luxury estates and areas in the Mayfair area of London.

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