Tenerife Apartment for sale

tenerife apartments for sale

Tenerife apartments. Property Managements Tenerife.

If you have a Tenerife apartment to sell or you are looking for a Tenerife apartment for sale. then visit Wady Properties. We have many years invaluable experience with Tenerife apartments for sale and our friendly fully trained staff will gladly answer any questions you might have.

Our property portfolio includes a wide range of Tenerife apartments for sale throughout the island and we are confident that with our help you can find the apartment you are looking for.

We have helped many people put their Tenerife apartment up for sale and we do everything we can to ensure the whole process is as stress free as possible.

Why Tenerife ?

Ideally situated in the Atlantic ocean just off the west coast of Africa for all year round excellent weather, stunning scenery and amazing beaches the island of Tenerife is the largest in the Canary Archipelago. Because the island attracts over 3 million tourists every year, for the past 20 years the Tenerife economy has been largely based on the tourism industry and the need for decent accommodation for both the tourists and those who work within the tourism industry is massive.

Tenerife apartments are either studios, or 1,2 or 3 bedrooms and the prices vary depending on the location and size but although the demand for good quality apartments is high, bargains can still be found. Purchasing a Tenerife apartment has always made good

financial sense.

There are many advantages of owning a Tenerife apartment whatever use you put it to:

  • If you already live on Tenerife not only do you have the security of a second home but you also get the added income of the year round rental possibilities.
  • If you still live in the UK, you not only get the steady income of the year round rental possibilities but you also have a holiday home on one of the most popular European holiday destinations.
  • If you are relocating to Tenerife then purchasing an apartment is the simplest and easiest way to start on the property ladder here and when it is time for you to move to another place you will have the option of renting out the apartment or selling it at a profit as property prices have been rising steadily for many years, especially in the more popular areas in the south of the island.

Contact Wady Properties

Wady Properties are here to help you in everyway possible. With many years experience in the Tenerife property market, we have a clear understanding of the laws and legislation involved in purchasing a Tenerife property and our staff are fully conversant with all procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about apartments for slae in Tenerife, contact Wady Properties today and let our friendly multi lingual staff help you.

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