Rome apartments for sale

rome apartments for sale

Since Rome City Apartments started operations in 2004, we have received over 80.000 Clients coming from over 100 countries in the world. Therefore we have acquired a deep knowledge of Travellers' needs and, more in general, of the short term rentals market in Rome. The satisfaction rate of our Clientele is as high as 94%. Prestigious newspapers such as the have positively reviewed our company.

Our daily challenge is to match in the best possible way the specific requirements of Clients renting out Rome apartments and the needs of the owners that are providing us with the properties listed on our website. The first thing we'd like to point out is that renting apartments when travelling is deeply different than booking hotels in Rome. In both cases tourists are paying for a mix of accommodation and service. The cost of those two components makes the final price for the accommodation.

In hotels the space offered, and therefore the cost of acquiring it, is lower as the average dimensions of a room are definitely smaller as compared to an apartment in Rome. On the other hand the cost of acquiring the service offered is much higher because the number of staff involved in the operations is higher. As for apartments the main cost is for the space offered: owners are constantly monitoring the profitability of their real estate investment and if one considers that acquiring an apartment in the central area of Rome costs not less than 10.000 Euro per sqm it is easily understood that only a satisfactory occupancy rate makes it

possible to reinvest in the property and maintain good standards for the accommodation. To offer apartments in Rome as short term rentals also involves staff costs - bookings, cleaning, laundry, maintenance etc.- but as compared to a hotel it is lower as the services offered to Clients are less. That is why the apartments offered in the short term market are usually called Self-catering apartments. The real opportunity for Travellers lays in the fact that rental prices for apartments in Rome are usually 50% less than a hotel room of the same quality when the space rented is, as an average, three times more.

The powerful growth of short term rentals offered in big cities such as Rome, Paris, Barcelona etc. since year 2000 joined with the constantly increasing offer for low cost airlines fares, has made possible for a growing number of families to afford city breaks whilst staying in central and prestigious areas of those cities. We believe that this way of travelling has also helped different cultures to better understand each other because when staying in a private flat in Rome one has the opportunity to feel and taste the city pretty much like a local and this is a unique experience that only a short term rental can offer. We will continue to put all our efforts into raising our standards of service as well as the standard of the Rome apartments offered in order to meet the growing needs of our Clientele and, to accomplish this challenging task, we will rely, as always, on our Clients feedbacks and level of satisfaction.

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