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Villas and Apartments  for Sale in Phuket Island

Phuket Island Property proudly offers a variety of properties  for sale.We have in portfolio several luxury Villas, apartments and Houses, from south to the north part of Phuket, from the touristic  west coast, to the more quite east coast.Prices are different, because land price is different from location to location, materials and view.

Sea view properties, no matter the level of luxury,  are keeping an incredible trend, investors from all over the world are coming in Phuket to purchase what the market offer.

In term of investment, few others location in South East Asia have been so successful to guarantee a huge return as much as Phuket, rental it’s going very well, from studio to Luxury Villa, the occupancy rates and the rental prices are making very happy the owners, and every season a new record is beaten.

Apartments in the west coast of Phuket are sold around 90 to 120.000 baht

per sq. meter, and Luxury Villa have reached hundred of millions of bath. But, there is space for every pocket, despite the increasingly land price, its’ still possible to find a good property without be inside the Forbes 100.

New condominium projects are selling nice apartments inside a human budget, and it’s still a good investment, 1 bedroom apartment in Patong can be rent out at 20-25.000 baht/month, and if only for the peak season, can reach 40-45.000 baht/month.

When you want to purchase a condo, there is the possibility to acquire the property as Freehold, straight to your name, no thai company involved, but, if you go for a Villa. you need to follow other legal ways to be sure, that what you are paying will be your in the future.

Phuket Island Property can help you, step by step during the purchasing process to ensure you a smooth deal without bad surprises.

Freehold Apartment for Sale Karon Phuket

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