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For decades high rise condos in Phoenix were rare. In fact, until 1990 there were only four high rise condo buildings in the entire Valley, all located in the Phoenix Midtown area. And those four towers, constructed in the 1950's and 1960's, were built as rental apartments and only later converted to condominiums.

In 1990 construction began on Crystal Point. Unfortunately that was the same time that the Savings and Loan crisis hit the country and sales of these condos were slow for almost a decade.

It wasn't for another ten years that the next high rise condo building, Esplanade Place, was built. Sales were robust and made headlines. This marked the start of what became the Phoenix high rise boom.

Phoenix Urban Living

Urban living in Phoenix is diverse, exciting and convenient, and you can choose from high rise towers in Phoenix Downtown, Phoenix Midtown and the Biltmore to architecturally interesting lofts and condos in small established neighborhoods. Most are close to hip and cool restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, premium shopping, entertainment, and in some cases the light rail.

Urban enthusiasts enjoy convenience, a sense of community and seem to have more time to do what they enjoy. All three of which are in short supply in today's world.

High Rise Condo Areas in Phoenix

We loosely define various areas througout town to help us when discussing options with our buyers.

Camelback Corridor Condos

The Camelback Corridor runs from approximately 44th Street, west along Camelback Road, to about 12th Street. It also runs north and south from Camelback Road from about Bethany Home Road to about Osborn or so.

Some of the condo communities to the right do not fit exactly within these parameters but they fit better in Camelback Corridor than any other geographic category.

Camelback Corridor is largely defined by Biltmore Fashion Park and the intersection of 24th Street and Camelback. The area thrives with high rise condo buildings like Esplanade Place, 2211 Camelback, and Optima Biltmore as well as equally intriguing but less obvious developments like Galleries at Turney, the future Aura at Camelback, and George Lofts.

Downtown Phoenix Condos

Downtown Phoenix may not be as 'up-scale' as the Biltmore area but it certainly has a lot to offer and will have so much more in the years to come.

The completion of light rail and ASU downtown campus made a tremendous impact. Light rail has created a focal point for the investment of time, money and energy that has been absent from Phoenix for too long. Energetic, creative, 'visioneers', are bringing hip fun businesses to the area and adding life and vibrancy.

We do not propose that light rail will change the face of commuting in Phoenix but we do believe that it will make the Central Corridor one of THE

places to live for urban enthusiasts.

Favorite buildings range from Portland Place Lofts, with its awesome location and fantastic style; to Summit at Copper Square, with modern finishes and beautiful exterior and with the light rail just a block away; to St Croix Villas with a charming courtyard area, gated common area, and a stone's throw from light rail and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

Midtown Phoenix Condos

We Know Urban defines midtown Phoenix as Camelback to McDowell and roughly 15th Avenue to 12th Street. Midtown urban includes some of our favorite buildings including (but not limited to) One Lexington High Rise, the architecturally stunning Stella, historic Phoenix Towers and a place that this author called home for eight years, Crystal Point.

North Phoenix Condos

North Phoenix is not an area that one would normally attribute with having an urban lifestyle, but lofts and high rise condos are gaining popularity in the north Valley.

From the new mixed use development called City North up by Desert Ridge, to the very popular high rises at Kierland Commons, urban residence are proving successful.

Coming Soon to Phoenix

The purpose of our 'Coming Soon' section is to let people know about urban high rise and loft communities that are in the planning stages. Please know that many of these will not be built and we have in fact cut about thirty projects from our site.

During the boom of 2004 and 2005 it seemed that a new high rise condo building or midrise loft building was being announced every other day. As you know, things have slowed waaaaay down so it's now more important than ever to know what is 'for real' and what's just a dream.

Contact the experts at WeKnowUrban for insight and opinions of the future of urban living in Phoenix.

WeKnowUrban offers many ways to learn about high rises, lofts and condos throughout the Valley.

Perhaps the easiest and most fun way is by joining us on one of our popular Phoenix High Rise and Loft Condo Tours where we view and discuss lofts and condos in Phoenix Downtown, Phoenix Midtown and other fantastic areas. We hold them monthly, they last about three hours, and they're only five bucks! How do you beat that?

WeKnowUrban has hundreds of pages of content. You might want to use the Google search bar at the top of each page to help make your search more effective. Or, if you're in the mood to surf, choose a community at the right and start browsing all the wonderful high rise and loft condos in Phoenix

Oh, and IF you are considering buying or selling a high rise, loft or other Phoenix condominium you really should call us. No other real estate agents in town know more about the market than we do.

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