Multi family apartments for sale

multi family apartments for sale

Apartment Buildings for Sale in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

* Please note, commercial apartment building listings for sale on this website are all arranged by prices less than 10m dollars. For private and more expensive apartment building listings, please email or call us at or 202-361-3050

Apartment Buildings for Sale in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia,


Whether you are looking to purchase a small 6 unit multifamily property in downtown Washington DC ,or 600 unit apartment building in Montgomery County for investment in surrounding areas, our experienced commercial investment advisors can help you.

Buy the Perfect Apartment Building Location in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia - Triple Net Investment Group, Triple Net Investment Group is the only company with a principal based, focused and systematized approach to finding, negotiating and securing the best possible apartment buildings for investment. We apply our experience, knowledge, insight, skills and resources to help our clients make informed commercial real estate decisions. See every space in the market that meets your criteria and get the best deal. If you need to buy an apartment building, Triple Net Investment Group is your ultimate solution.

Save Time and Money on your Purchase - Our mission is simply saving you time and money while protecting you from the any pitfalls of purchasing that can occur. Also, though we exclusively represent you, we're

ultimately paid the buyer representation portion of the seller's sponsored selling fee. Therefore, not only do we do all the work and negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf, our services cost you absolutely nothing for buyers. In fact, we guarantee you the best possible deal on the right space for you.

Work with the leaders in Commercial Market - All of our commercial real estate advisers in District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia have at least five years of commercial real estate leasing and sales experience, have handled almost any types of commercial real estate transactions, have completed the most through CCIM courses “ Certified Commercial Real Estate Investment Member” and are well connected to a wide variety of industries and resources.

Extensive Commercial Office Inventory and Connections - Commercial real estate is all about connections and networking. Most of the commercial property listings will never make it to the market or mls therefore working with someone experienced can save you time and money. We have access to an extensive inventory of commercial office properties for sale and lease and contacts to find you exactly what you are looking for. Buyer and tenant representation will not cost you anything as the sellers and landlords will pay our fees and commissions. More importantly, with the proper buyer and tenant representation, you will most likely save more money on your purchase or lease, working with someone who knows the market and works it everyday.

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