Montreal apartments for sale

montreal apartments for sale

Looking for classifieds items in craigslist Montreal, you can find latest listings in Montreal city. however if you failed to find any item you can post it from top right link.

Thousands of deals are happened daily on craigslist Montreal for homes for sale, rentals and car for sale. Montreal lady starts on-line petition to ban pet sales on Kijiji North American nation

ONTREAL -- Canada's largest classified web site is stressed to ban the sale of family pets as a part of a metropolis woman's quest to place Associate in Nursing finish to puppy mills.

Barbara Lapointe, a mother of 2 World Health Organization operates a dog walking business, needs Kijiji to instead promote adoption from registered animal rescue teams and individual families.

Lapointe's on-line petition, denote on the web site CraigslistWe need them to line the instance and be the moral leader on this," Lapointe aforesaid in Associate in Nursing interview.

Lapointe is additionally making an attempt to urge

her native municipality, the city of Mount Royal, to ban the sale of animals in pet stores.

She's hoping it'll follow the lead of different Canadian cities like capital of Virginia, B.C. that prohibited the sale of puppies in pet stores in 2011.

Lapointe aforesaid cracking down on pet stores would eliminate a significant marketplace for puppy mills however even then misbr breeders would "still be ready to resort to on-line sales."

Kijiji North American nation has no plans to alter its policy.

Shawn McIntyre, the site's community manager, aforesaid it's established a system to catch suspicious posts and forestall mills from victimisation the positioning.

and do our greatest to stay it clean and safe," McIntyre aforesaid, explaining that employees moderates posts and has partnered with animal protection teams.

"We need to form certain that we're filtering out any unhealthy users and not driving them underground."

The site, however, has had hassle interference some sellers in recent years.

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