Welcome to our furnished luxury apartments department in New York. You will find 97 offers for furnished prestigious rentals of New York apartment.

Our « Furnished luxurious apartments rentals in New York » offers a large range of prestigious furnished apartments in New York, for your vacation rental experience or your business trip.

Our high standard apartments offer you a great selection of services to come up to your expectations.

Our luxurious apartments in New York are clearly presented with the necessary details. a variety of photos, blueprint, interactive maps, details of services and equipments available in the apartment.

Our agents will be there to help you finding the apartment of your dreams for your stay in New York.

You'll be able to choose your

furnished luxurious apartment in New York to suit your needs thanks to the detailed information and advice of our team.

Our prestigious apartments in New York are the perfect change to luxurious hotels. more space and liberty, and the possibility to feel like home. Our glamor apartments offer the necessary comfort to enjoy your holidays in New York with your familly or your friends.

So come to visit all the best attractions of New York, from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, to discover the charm of the Parisian life, having a walk in the Marais or in Montmartre, doing shopping on the Champs Elys

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