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Description of Property

Hot price: USD 89,900

Old price: USD 105,000

A property for sale is located minutes away from the dowtown of Kyiv. The flat has author design. The main feature of the apartment is the quality of the building. Built for the members of the Parliament, the walls has a thick layer of red bricks. It keeps the apartment very warm in winter and does not let in any outside noise.

This Ukrainian property for sale is situated on 7 floor of 14 storey building. It is a studio with a separate bedroom. Total area of this real estate in Kiev is 40 m2.

There are air conditioner, microwave oven, laundry machine, DVD-player, CD-player, digital cable TV per 95 channels, parking place, guard provided by this new accommodation.

The property for sale located in the green area steps away from major subway line, supermarket, school, hospital, park and central beech on the bank of the river Dnipro. The property is for sale with furniture and appliances

Location and Local Attractions

The building is located near subway station Livoberajna, 3 station away from Khreshatik and minutes away by car from downtown. It takes only 7 minutes to get to metro station. A big shopping mall 5 minutes away. Nice parks and bike tracks all arond the area. Just 3 minutes from the nice beech to swim in summer.

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KYIV is the capital of Ukraine

Area of the city

Total area of the city is 839 km?.

Population of Kyiv

Officially the population of the Ukrainian capital includes 2,6 million people but the real number rises 4 million of people.


Kyiv has a continental climate. The warmest months are summer months - June, July, and August, with average temperatures from 14 to 25°C. The coldest months are December, January, and February, with temperatures of ?5 to 0°C. Winter is usually snowy.

Money and Currency

Hryvnia is Ukrainian national currency that is used in Kyiv.

The city has an extensive infrastructure and highly developed system of public transport, including a Kiev Metro system.

Large transport net (railway and highways, sea port, international airport in Boryspil and airport of Zhulyany that carries out transfers inside the country).

Metro exists in Kyiv from 1960. It contains three branches, with total length of 56.5 km.

Places of interest

Kyiv is rich in culture and art memorials. The most important from them are Golden gates, Sophia cathedral (XI century), Vydubitskiy monastery (XI c.), complex of Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra (XI-XVIII c.), Mykhailivskiy Golden Domed Monastery, church of Spas on Brest (XII c.), Andreevska, Pokrovska, Troitska churches, Klovskiy and Mariinskiy palaces.

Forests, parks and gardens take more than half of this city. When you come here for the first time you

predict to see only a large mega-city with crowded streets, permanent traffic-jams and terrible fuss. Definitely you will see a part of this, as you are in the capital -industrial, technical, economical and business center of the whole Ukraine. But at the same time you will feel as having rest somewhere in very green and fresh atmosphere of town suburbs, where great amount of trees, pleasant shadows and birds singing are everyday treasures. As well Kyiv possesses two beautiful Botanical gardens on its territory.

Kyiv is worthy called one of the greenest cities in the World (and recently it used to be the greenest). Outstanding Kyiv chestnuts that blossom fabulously in May became one of the city symbols.

  • Kreschatik and Maydan Nezalejnosti
    • History of Kreschatik
    • History of Maydan Nezalejnosti (Independence Square)
  • Podil
  • Churches:
    • St. Volodymyr Cathedral
    • St. Sophia Cathedral
    • St. Michael's (Mikhailovskiy) Golden-Domed Cathedral
    • Cyril church
    • Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (Monastery)
    • St. Nicolas roman-catholic Cathedral
    • Vydubichi Monastery
    • St. Andrew's Church
    • Pokrovskiy Roman Catholic cathedral
  • Monuments:
    • Bohdan Khmelnitskiy monument
    • Kyi, Schek, Khoriv and Lybid (monument to the Founders of Kyiv on the Dnipro bank)
    • Taras Shevchenko monument
    • Mykhailo Hrushevskiy monument
    • Nikolay Schors monument
    • Pronya Prokopovna and Golohvastov monument
    • Monument to Panikovskiy
    • Nikolay Yakovchenko, the actor (Monument - Man with dog)
    • Panteleymon Cat
    • Saint Volodymyr monument
    • Princess Olga
    • Column of Independence
    • Samson fountain
    • Hohol "nose"
    • Yaroslav the Wise Monument
    • Mother-land

How to get there

Kyiv has an International Airport Boryspil

Airport Boryspil

Boryspil (LATA KBP, UKBB) International airport in Kyiv.It was founded in 1959 on the basis of military airport. The same year started carriage and passengers transfers. In 1965 new Boryspil air station was opened. According to the order of Minister of transport of Ukraine from 11 March 1993 new State international airport was created in Boryspil.

The airport possesses three terminals: A, B and C


Terminal is guided on the service to passengers that travel in the borders of Ukraine. A comfortable waiting room (2-nd floor), toilet (first floor), currency exchange offices, air help, air companies representatives are located in this terminal. Close to terminal A one can find cozy cafes, guarded parking lot.


In the International Terminal B of airport Boryspil a changed scheme of passengers' examination on aviation safety is introduced.

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