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Chicago Real Estate Dictionary

duplex. apartment with two levels of interior living space

duplex-up. a duplex apartment that occupies the top 2 floors of the building (i.e. floors 2 & 3 of a 3-Flat)

duplex-down. a duplex apartment that occupies the 1st floor above ground and the garden level (also called basement or lower level)

garden apartment. unit located partially

below ground level (i.e. finished basement)

penthouse. top floor unit; occupies the top floor or top two floors of the building in which it is located

two flat. 2-story building with zoning that allows for a maximum of two residential apartment units or one single family residence

three flat. 3-story building with zoning that allows for a maximum of three residential apartment units

townhouse. multi-level residential unit that shares common walls with neighboring units, but does not have any units above or below itself

Most Popular Chicago Neighborhoods in 2013

1. Lincoln Park (8,570 unique views)

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