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Apartments for Sale in Beirut City Center

The situation of the apartments for sale in Beirut City Center

Around 26 buildings in construction, more than 460 thousand square meters and more than 1300 new apartments, the city center of Beirut remains the most dynamic region in the real estate sector.

Though, these activity indicators are the same as those of 2012, which shows the statu quo of the real estate market in the Lebanese capital center, the construction of which is in the hands of Solidere: Little new projects have been announced on the market for the past year, and little have been delivered in the same period. For the past period, the same buildings remain in construction. The “dead path” in the sector has made some promoters work at a very slow pace. Some are already more than 2 years late for delivery. The most beautiful apartments of the Beirut City Center, situated in the upper hand segment are also in the same situation.

However, one cannot conclude that the situation of the market is completely stagnant. Many

sales have been realized during the last months. But the buyers don’t hesitate to negotiate the prices. They have become selective and they look for opportunities.

Apartments for Sale in Beirut City Center Prices

Globally, a first floor in the Beirut City Center is valued at around 6000 dollars the square meter, but the prices can vary according to the project and the place. There are many price differences without any logical reason. Each promoter displays his or her prices depending on his or her strategy.

Most en vogue apartments for sale in Beirut City Center

The apartments for sale around the Saint George Bay and the Zaitunay Bay complex (Wafic Sinno avenue) are among the most expensive in Lebanon. The exceptional apartments continue to be priced above 10,000 dollars the square meter on the lower floors. It is true that the site is one of the most displayed in the new city center.

To download a map of the Zaitunay Bay Region, click on the following link  Apartments for sale in Zaitunay bay map

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