Apartments for sale in venice italy

apartments for sale in venice italy


Apartments for sale in a totally restored gothic palace located in the famous Calle del Paradiso which is an enchanting corner of Venice. The overhanging eaves with protruding wood beams (barbacani), the small shops opening onto the dark and narrow street, the smells from the nearby osterie, are elements that conspire to create a medieval-town feeling uncommon in the rest of Venice, but the arch, the bridge and the light at the

end of the street will remind you that you are in Venice after all.

The high quality apartments are part of a building that presents itself as an important manor house located between San Lio on one side and the river of Santa Maria Formosa on the other. The building is an example of medieval Venetian building, remodeled and renovated several times and presents a set of elements from different eras. The fa

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