Apartments for sale in tel aviv

apartments for sale in tel aviv

Apartments for sale in Tel Aviv are expensive, whether apartments for sale or for renting, but are considered a safe investment. As in all towns, Tel Aviv comprises different areas in which apartments for sale are more expensive in one area than another. When you consider purchasing an apartment in Tel Aviv you must think in a practical manner: i.e purchase an apartment or apartments that will not be difficult to sell at a later stage. Apartments in a building with an elevator, for example, sell better than apartments without an elevator. This is because, like in the rest of the country, in Tel Aviv people are spoilt and do not want to walk up seven flights of stairs.

Regarding apartments for rent in Tel Aviv, it is worthwhile buying apartments in proximity to the University of Tel Aviv. This ascertains a continuous demand for apartments.

If you are considering apartments for sale in Tel Aviv it is worthwhile investigating neighborhoods such as Neveh Tzedek. Real estate prices there are rising steadily and buildings and apartments are considered one of the better investments in Tel Aviv. Apartments by the sea are always thought to be a safer investment – the sea and a sea view are always a point of attraction for many people in Tel Aviv. Roof apartments in Tel Aviv have become a new point of attraction for many, due to the quietness – escape from the noisy street, a good sea breeze, less pollution and a roof veranda with a great view of sea and of a large part of Tel Aviv.

When debating about apartments for sale in Tel Aviv, one cannot ignore the luxurious trend towards luxury apartments in a building with a security guard, swimming pool and fitness center. One advantage of apartments such as these is their convenient location in the heart of Tel Aviv. These apartments are in proximity with important cultural locations: the Habima, Cameri theaters etc. A large proportion

of the public moving into these apartments for sale in Tel Aviv are older citizens whose children are no longer at home and they have no need for large apartments.

Roof apartments in Tel Aviv and outside residents share a common fact – these outside residents purchase the roof apartments and live in them for part of the year, when they arrive in Israel. This causes complaints in Tel Aviv because high standard roof apartments are scarce and instead of selling them to local buyers or Tel Aviv residents, they are sold to whoever can pay the price. Few Tel Aviv residents, earning in shekels, can afford the high prices of these Tel Aviv apartments.

A number of Tel Aviv residents purchase apartments for sale in Tel Aviv in order to create Tel Aviv apartments for rent. Apartments bought for rent purposes are occasionally cheaper as many are in quite poor condition. It could be worth investing in these apartments; turned into luxury apartments the rent will form a good profit.

Apartments in the older northern area of Tel Aviv and the newer area of the north are more expensive than apartments in the southern area of Tel Aviv. With this, in the south too, development is starting to appear with a general price recovery of apartments for sale. Areas such as the Florentine neighborhood, once considered an area of plain workshops and small industries has become a chic area in which apartments for sale cost a considerable amount.

In order to purchase apartments in Tel Aviv it is worth taking counsel from Tel Aviv Real Estate agents who will find good apartments for you. They can choose and select more suitable properties for you, find apartments that suit your demands. This saves you from running around searching for apartments by yourself; they send you to view apartments in Tel Aviv that have been examined and chosen by them for you.

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