Apartments for sale in morocco

apartments for sale in morocco


  • New homes in Casablanca. les Jardins de la Colline
  • Residence Bel-Air. new home in Benslimane, Casablanca
  • Chbika, Marina town in south morocco by Orascom


    Real estate website in Morocco is a the most trafficked website about home sales and rentals in morocco. Our site offers listings for all types of property: purchase /sale and rent of apartments, houses, villas, riads, new home, offices, commercial premises.

    Real estate agencies in all major cities is present in all Moroccan cities. Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir. offers ads of professionals (real estate agencies and developers) and individuals in all moroccan cities: Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir. Advice The section « Advice » will enable you to better understand the different aspects of the law concerning real estate transactions.

    Buyer: Make sure you understand the notion of registered and non registered property as well as the role and responsibilities of a notary and a syndic. If you would like to purchase a new property discover the possibility of buying off plan.

    Seller: Estimate your property value using different methods.

    More info Real estate loan Wait no longer,

    calculate your instalments with the financial calculator. It will enable you to estimate the amount of your monthly instalments, the amount of your total loan as well as the duration of your loan.

    The section « Loan » will help you to find the type of property loan that suits your specific needs: fixed rate or revisable rate and will give you an overview of the interest rates practised by major Moroccan banks.

    You must also take into account the fees charged for the loan guarantees (Mortgage, Surety) and death and disability insurance. More info Tax system The section « Taxation », which is updated constantly, will enable you to learn about the different taxes you may be subjected to in the case of an acquisition, a sale of a property, or rental income as well as fiscal exemptions granted by law.

    Learn about the measures used intended to encourage real estate investments in Morocco due to an enticing taxation policy. More info Foreign investors The section « Foreign investors » is mainly intended for foreign retirees in particular for French retirees who wish to live in Morocco on a permanent basis.

    You will find information concerning taxation on retirement pensions collected by French citizens living in Morocco.

    Discover the rules of the convertibility regime benefiting foreign investments executed in Morocco in foreign currency. More info

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