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apartments for sale in kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, an attraction for global investors

Kuala Lumpur has indeed been a major prime area for real estate development due to the influx of workers, both local and foreign. As one thing lead on to another, in this case, it attracted numerous joint development between local and foreign developers.

One fine example to illustrate this point would be the recent announcement whereby IGB Corp Sdn Bhd subsidiary Tan & Tan Development Bhd will jointly develop a 41-storey apartment in Lorong Stonor, Kuala Lumpur with one of Japan’s leader in high rise residential property market, Japan-based Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co Ltd (MJR), with an estimated gross development value of RM 617 million.

This joint venture with Tan & Tan, with no doubt whatsoever, marks MJR’s foray into the Malaysian property market. MJR will incontrovertibly leave a trail for other foreign developers to follow so as to not miss a lucrative joint venture opportunity with the local Malaysian developers.

Why Bother to Invest in Apartment Units?

Rather than adhering to the traditional road map to financial freedom by trading for money with time, a more sound game plan is essential to survive in this modern era of globalization and capitalism.

The best way is through investing in multiple passive sources of income. properties being the best vehicle to meet these needs.

Why is that so?

The rental income generated by leasing out several apartment or condominium units in Kuala Lumpur can to a large extent meet the daily needs, while large expenses can be met by disposing some of the

properties. Of course, properties tend to be more illiquid with increasing size. Thus, it is better to own several apartment units in contrast to owning a big landed properties as you would not want to sell it off prematurely before it achieves a satisfactory capital appreciation.

Selling off a property might easily take up to two years or more and hence it is of utmost importance to foresee your future big expenses such as your child’s education fees. Rushing off to liquidate your properties might convey across the impression that you are a desperate seller, in which you really are. You certainly would not want to turn out to be on the losing side of the bargain as a desperate seller, would you?

Apartments are generally a more popular choice in terms of real estate investment as they are easier to maintain and relatively cheaper  compared to landed properties, for instance semi-detached house for sale in Kuala Lumpur and bungalow for sale in Kuala Lumpur are extremely expensive. Besides that, often, an apartment complex comes with a well-up kept landscaping and garden apart from its another attractive hassle-free attribute since maintenance and repairs are handled by the building manager. This suits the busy city lifestyle of Kuala Lumpur citizens whereby time being very scarce, rather than being wasted on petty issues like fixing things up, are more worthwhile spent with respective loved ones.

Nevertheless, the rapid improvement of public transports around the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur such as the proposed LRT3 project will also undoubtedly lead to a certain appreciation of around 10 to 15 %, conservatively speaking, of stratified properties such as apartment and condominium units.

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