Apartments for sale in halkidiki

apartments for sale in halkidiki

Small hotel with apartments. Built in 1979: There are 12 rooms in total, each room (25 square metres) with four beds. There is also a flat, in total 50 square metres of living space. Total living space for the entire hotel is 400 square metres. Only 300 metres to the beach.

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KassandraGroup AB co-operates with an authorised estate agent in Greece. We have a large selection of hotels, holiday homes, plots of land, flats and apartments for sale in the Halkidiki and Peiria regions of Greece.

Also available:

ID 1218: A 31-room hotel in Halkidiki. This hotel is built on an area of 8,000 sq. m of land. There are four buildings, two swimming pools, an assembly hall and a restaurant. It

is located 150 m. from the sea and 70 Km from the airport.

ID 1219: A 70-room hotel in Halkidiki, situated in a preferential area. It is built on 33,000 sq. m of land. There are two buildings, including a swimming pool, a restaurant, a gym, and bar. The hotel is located 1,500 m. from the sea and 96 km from the airport.

ID 1216: A 27-room hotel (studios) in Halkidiki. Close to one of the most beautiful beaches. It is built near the sea and it is located 70 km from the airport.

ID 1416: Guesthouse in Halkidiki, 22 air-conditioned rooms with central heating. It is located in an idyllic area with a view of the sea and it has permanent customers throughout the year.

Talk to Mark Boardman or Laila Evaggelidou

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