Apartments for Sale in Dubai

apartments for sale in dubai

Exclusive Links has a wide range of apartments for sale in Dubai and our experienced team can assist you on making the right decision whether you are buying as an investor or as an end user. Apartments can either be bought as furnished, unfurnished, serviced or as hotel apartments.

Furnished. Apartments can be bought either partially or fully furnished and it is important to confirm the inventory of what is included in the condition of sale.

Unfurnished. This is when no furnishings are formally included as part of the sale but an apartment may be sold to include some white goods such as cooker, fridge and washing machine.

Serviced. A furnished apartment which includes amenities for daily use and regular housekeeping and cleaning services are included. These are great for short and medium term use.

Hotel Apartments: Furnished apartments using a hotel style booking system and supported by a recognised hotel chain

where your apartment is included in a hotel revenue pool with attractive or guaranteed rental income. The owner can also reserve the unit for a short period of the year for self-use.

Exclusive Links Property Management is a convenient and cost saving solution for property owners. We act in the best interest of the owner and take care of the property as if it is our own. Click here for more information on our Property Management services.

When considering an apartment for sale in Dubai, your Exclusive Links Client Manager can advise on both short and long term rental prices and the best options available to you as a property owner. Below is a list of average prices of Dubai Apartments and Flats for Sale which have been based on unfurnished properties and variance is due to size, location, views and the project. These prices are current for Q2 2014 and are subject to change.

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