Apartments for sale in costa del sol spain

apartments for sale in costa del sol spain

Personal Message from Sasha ( founder). Welcome to, I am delighted to announce the re-vamp and re-launch of the new site which I am now personally managing. The site was established in 1998 as a holiday information website and has evolved over the years into a well respected source of information, help and advice for people living or planning to visit or live in Southern Spain,The current economic climate. some have said, is not the time to re launch a business but I believe, that with the experience I have gained working and living here in Southern Spain for over 15 years I can offer a second to none personal service which people are now looking for, concentrating on the following areas.

Property and Business consultancy. We are certainly not an estate agent. We offer a personal one on one service, if you are looking to buy a property or business in Southern Spain then please contact me, either by email or telephone (0034) 603219787 for a totally free. no obligation chat on how to get the exact property you are looking for at the right price, No pressure or hard sell. just help and advice all the way.

Selling a property or business. If you have a quality (Legal) property or business for sale here in Southern Spain then please contact me. I will arrange to

visit and take some details ,no obligation, no contracts to sign, these will then be listed on the spainsaver portfolio and we will do our best to match your property or business with a prospective buyer. a bit like property dating. we will not waste yours, ours or the buyers time by showing people something that is not what they are looking for, So call me on (0034) 603219787 or email

Conceirge Services. As a result of living and running a business here in Southern Spain for so long. I am now in an ideal position to help and advise the ex pat and English speaking comunity find the right people to do the job or offer the services they are looking for, Over the years I have engaged Builders, craftsmen, proffesionals, advisers etc (Some extremely good and some not so) so am in the position to arrange and advise people when they need help and assistence (See the List of servics offered on the left hand column and Please contact me to arrange for you,

So whatever service you are looking for here in Southern Spain. call me and we can talk (0034) 603219787 or email me directly

or use our online contact form Click here.

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